Practice makes perfect? Can I build a test then copy as a real event?

Hiya - is it possible to build a test version of my webinar then copy it as a live one to add the PowerPoint to it and run it?
Does that even make sense?
Thank you - W

You definitely can.

Test events are used for whatever you need, to test things out, do dry runs, and we use them to record the first parts of simu-live webinars.

If you are using it to run a simu-live webinar, once you do one test you can download the recording and upload it as presenter media to a new webinar and add slides/timings or you can use the import function in presentation manager of a simu-live webinar to import the presenter media and even slides + timings from a previous webinar.

There are a few ways to do it and I think everyone kind of has their own methods, but for the most part it’s easy enough to get anything from one webinar to another either by copying, importing, or downloading/uploading.